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IEEE Investment Ranking Challenge

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Which metric will be used for the final rankings ?

Posted by sshkhr over 3 years ago

Say I have two models :

  • Model 1: Spearman Correlation = 0.041 and NDCG = 0.037
  • Model 2: Spearman Correlation = 0.035 and NDCG = 0.041

Both are doing better on alternate metrics. I wanted to know how the final rankings will be determined. Is their a weighted average of sorts that will be taken ? Because right now the Public Leaderboard is being determined solely by Spearman correlation it seems.

It would be really helpful if organisers could clarify. Thanks


Posted by spMohanty  over 3 years ago |  Quote

Hi @sshkhr ,

True, right now its based solely on the Spearman correlation. If two submissions have the exact same spearman correlation, then NDCG should take over, but there is a very low probability that two submissions will have exactly the same spearman correlation. But in a few weeks, we will update the leaderboard to first sort all the submissions by Spearman Correlation (upto 3 significant digits), and when two submissions with the same spearman correlation (upto 3 signification digits) will be ranked based on NDCG.