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What's up with route [77]877 in problem instance six

Posted by LeoB almost 2 years ago

When I commit a solution for problem instance 06_V1.20_FWA I get a lot of errors like (always for this route):

Minimum running time of 142 seconds + of 0 seconds for route_section “77]877#305” in service_intention “77]877” undercut Running time on Section: 0 seconds

When I search in the problem file I can not find any string like “[77]877”. What is my mistake?

Posted by LeoB  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

I found the problem by myself. I thought the validation script had an error displaying “[77]877” as “77]877”. But this is not the case, the route name is really “77]877”. Which then again is not working in my script (yet).

Posted by jordiju  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

Hi @LeoB Sorry for the cryptic IDs. There is a service_intention with ID ‘77]877’ and its route has the same ID. That route has a route_section with sequence_number 305 (it’s the last route_section in route_path ‘Standard’), which has a minimum_running_time of 2minutes and 22s, i.e. 142 seconds.

If you searched for “[77]877” you didn’t find it because the opening bracked is missing. You have to search for “77]877”. That is obviously a human-caused typo, but we probably shouldn’t change the files now.

The problem is that your solution seems to spend less than 142 seconds on the train_run_section corresponding to route_section 77]877#305. In fact, it seems to spend 0 second in this section. That would mean the entry_time is probably identical to the exit_time. Could you check that in your solution?