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NIPS '17 Workshop: Criteo Ad Placement Challenge

Counterfactual policy learning for display advertising


We have a winner for this challenge!

Posted by Sean over 2 years ago

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your dedicated participation in this challenge !!

Now that the challenge has ended, we finally have our winners !

The winners are :

They all win a prize money of $2000, $1500 and $1000 respectively. And we will be following up with them individually regarding the logistics of the same. we are also excited to finally meet them either personally or remotely at the NIPS’17 Causal Inference and Machine Learning Workshop.

This challenge was possible because of efforts of multiple individuals, most notably @Adith and many of his collaborators at Cornell University and Microsoft Research. Many thanks to all of you guys for making this challenge happen.

Hoping that you guys had great fun participating in this challenge, and looking forward to bringing a lot more of interesting machine learning challenges for all of you.