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Uploading of the model

Posted by NightFury13 about 4 years ago

Is it necessary to upload the trained model? I have a caffemodel of about 6.8GB, and with my internet speed it will take me forever to upload the same on your website. Can I instead upload my model on a common space (like Caffe-Zoo) and provide you with a link to my model? Uploading to the zoo (GitHub) won’t be affected if the network connection fails at some instant as it can be simply continued. Uploading the model .tar/.zip however would crash in the browser if it fails to upload due to network issues and I would have to restart my upload.

Posted by spMohanty  about 4 years ago |  Quote

Hi @NightFury13,

Sorry for the delay in replying back on this thread. We are indeed open to the idea of publishing on Caffe-Zoo, and linking it in your submission. The main.sh script in your submission then should download the model from the appropriate location using wget/curl, and then go ahead with prediction of the images from the supplied test folder. Plus, we will also point out that the current upper limit for code+model submission files is 650MB.

But are you sure just the caffemodel is 6.8GB ? That sounds a little bit unusual !!

Posted by NightFury13  about 4 years ago |  Quote

Thanks for the response! Will upload my model in a couple of days. :)

PS : Rechecked and realised my model “folder” size was 6.8GB not the model itself (has about 30 snapshots through training :P) So uploading directly would also be fine. Thanks again!

Posted by Sean  about 4 years ago |  Quote

That’s great news @NightFury, we are looking forward to seeing your submission!