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Update on Prizes : Academic Papers + Travel Grants for IEEE DSAA 2018, Turin, Italy

Posted by spMohanty over 3 years ago

Top-5 participants will be invited to submit a paper describing their solution to be published in the proceedings of IEEE DSAA 2018, Turin, Italy. Details about a limited number of travel grants (to attend and present at the conference) will be announced soon.

Posted by chenyiyong  over 3 years ago |  Quote

Can you confirm that the top-5 participants of round 1 or round 2 will be invited? Thanks.

Posted by chenyiyong  over 3 years ago |  Quote

@spMohanty It’s round 1 top-5 participants or round 2?

Posted by SylvainBernard  over 3 years ago |  Quote

Hi @chenyiyong,

Top-5 participants of Round 2 will be able to submit a paper for the IEEE DSAA 2018 proceedings.