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Train Schedule Optimisation Challenge

Optimizing train schedules


Understanding objective function?

Posted by Pjotr about 2 years ago

This is how the objective function looks like:

\begin{align*} \frac{1}{60} \cdot \Big( \sum_{\textrm{SI, SR}} \textrm{entry\_delay\_weight}_{SR} \; \cdot \; max(0, t_{entry} - \textrm{entry\_latest}_{SR}) \; + \; \textrm{exit\_delay\_weight}_{SR} \; \cdot \; max(0, t_{exit} - \textrm{exit\_latest}_{SR}) \Big) + \sum_{\textrm{TRS}} \textrm{penalty}_{\textrm{route\_section}_\textrm{TRS}} \end{align*}

Can anyone please explain what sort of notation this is supposed to be? Latex? Github does not render this properly if it’s supposed to be rendered at all. It would really make my life easier if this could be expressed either in a common programming language (Python, Java) or alternatively as a printed mathematical formula (as a gif, jpg, png or whatever). In the meanwhile I recommend this: https://www.codecogs.com/eqnedit.php

Posted by jordiju  about 2 years ago |  Quote

We’re working on a fix for the display. Yes, it is Gitlab-flavored makrdown, which unfortunately does not display on Github.

We’re migrating the document to a Jupyter notebook. Should be ready in a few hours.

Sorry about that

Posted by Pjotr  about 2 years ago |  Quote

Alright, happy to hear that!

Posted by Raphael  about 2 years ago |  Quote

@Pjotr Fix is implemented. I hope the formula is now easier to understand. Good with the challenge.

Posted by Pjotr  about 2 years ago |  Quote

Yes, I can confirm that now it’s much easier to interpret. Thanks! (Now I “only” have to understand the whole rest… ;) )