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Train Schedule Optimisation Challenge

Optimizing train schedules


Time format

Posted by satoshi about 2 years ago

Hi there,

In the output data model documentation (https://gitlab.crowdai.org/SBB/train-schedule-optimisation-challenge-starter-kit/blob/master/documentation/output_data_model.md) it says that the time format is HH24:MM:SS. However, in the sample submission (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/crowdAI/train-schedule-optimisation-challenge-starter-kit/master/problem_instances/sample_solutions/sample_submission.json), there are plenty of fields using milliseconds too. Are milliseconds allowed? And if so, are they considered? Or are they rounded to the nearest second? Or completely ignored?

Thank you and all the best

Posted by jordiju  about 2 years ago |  Quote

Hi @satoshi

Milliseconds are allowed. When they are given, they are also considered. This means, they are taken into account when verifying that, for example, the minimum running time on a train_run_section is observed and when checking that the exit_time from a section is identical to the entry_time into the next section.

Posted by satoshi  about 2 years ago |  Quote

Thank you @jordiju, that’s good to know!

I have another question related to times if you don’t mind. Is it possible for a section requirement in a service intention to have a time that comes before the previous section requirement? I’m thinking of the case where a service intention spans two days, for example starting at 23:30:00 and ending at 00:30:00 (next day). Is that something that should be considered?

Posted by jordiju  about 2 years ago |  Quote

No, you do not need to worry about that. It does not occur in any of the instances and even our internal solvers also just convert every time to “seconds since 00:00:00”.

Posted by satoshi  about 2 years ago |  Quote

Thank you @jordiju, makes sense!