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Reinforcement learning environments with musculoskeletal models


The animation render is inconsistent with simulation

Posted by Arnaldur_Bjarnason about 4 years ago

For clarity, I recommend looking at the animation of my submission, for reference I’m in 13th place as of writing this. As you can hopefully tell, this can’t be the animation of my submission but just are relatively limp skeleton that immediately falls to the ground. I have submitted a couple of times and just once noticed that the animation updated but that was from another limp animation. The strange thing is that none of my submissions could look like this based on their scores.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?

tl;dr: My animation is wrong.

Posted by spMohanty  about 4 years ago |  Quote

@Arnaldur Bjarnason: Confirming this bug. and the visualisation of the simualtion is definitely wrong. We are working on fixing it, and will get back to you soon with more updates.

Posted by spMohanty  about 4 years ago |  Quote

Hi @Arnaldur Bjarnason,

Your simulation has been fixed. If there are similar issues with the simulations with other participants, please either send us an email, or post on this thread; and we will regenerate your simulations again.


Posted by Arnaldur_Bjarnason  about 4 years ago |  Quote

Sweet, thanks for the quick fix! I noticed that the <3 button by your comment hotlinks directly to the sign in page even though I’m signed in, redirecting me back to the leaderboard and saying “You are already signed in.”

Posted by Marcel_Salathé  about 4 years ago |  Quote

Yes, I’ve noticed the same issue https://github.com/crowdAI/crowdai/issues/351 It should be addressed very soon.