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Ants Challenge - Part I

Ants as tools to understand society


Tags with a slight reflection, or a minor occlusion

Posted by spMohanty about 5 years ago

In a few cases, I noticed a slight reflection, or a really minor occlusion of a part of the tag (by a straw ant’s leg or something -_- ), makes it much more harder to fit it as a quadrilateral :’(

Anyone has had the same problem ?

Regarding the minor occlusions, I have played with trying aggressive Gaussian Smoothing, and also a few Morphological filtering based approaches (Dilation, or Skeletonize followed by Dilation), and they don’t really seem to help a lot atm. Sob Sob.

And regarding the reflections, I think it has to be solved at the initial thresholding step. Have tried Adaptive Thresholding and also OTSU Thresholds and both of them seem to give up (irrespective of how much you smooth the image before you go for thresholding).

Any quick tips shall be appreciated !!