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Train Schedule Optimisation Challenge

Optimizing train schedules



Posted by Raluca almost 2 years ago


Most of the submissions have the same score since they contain your solution. Also, some people have submitted solutions with “error” for some of the problems, but the 10000 penalty was decreased for those problems, will that be fixed any time soon?

Thank you

Posted by jordiju  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

Hi @Raluca

We have marked the submissions, that just use our sample submission as “BASELINE”. They still appear in the learderboard, but the “actual” leaders are the first submissions that are NOT marked as BASELINE.

An early version of the grader did not penalize invalid solutions correctly. That has since been fixed. I found one submission, that was not penalized properly and deleted it.

From my point of view, everything should be fixed now. The leaderboard should reflect the situation correctly.

If anyone finds any more inconsistencies, please let us know.

Thanks. Julian

Posted by jordiju  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

By the way, if someone tries something sneaky like using only part of our sample submission to “augment” their own solutions, we may not notice this at first. But since prizes are only handed out after checking the participant’s code, we WOULD find it out at some point ;)