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MARLO 2018

Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Minecraft


Submission open

Posted by Sean_Kuno over 1 year ago

Now we are taking submission. Entry period is extended. Please take a look at Overview tab for more detail. Thank you for your waiting.


Posted by dennissv  over 1 year ago |  Quote

Hello, good to see an update on this competition! Been looking forward to it :) I just got a couple of questions about those first two qualifying rounds.

  1. Are those now on all games or are they just on FindTheGoal-v0 like the warm-up round?
  2. What does it mean to compete against another agent? Especially if it’s just on FindTheGoal-v0, is it just highest average reward wins and if so how is that represented by the current leaderboard?
  3. Under the new winners selection perhaps you can clarify the explanation of round 2. It’s currently; “Submitted agent to work with another agent by other participants.”

Posted by rstudent  over 1 year ago |  Quote

Hi @Sean_Kuno :

Is it too late to enter the competition? I do not see a Register button (perhaps missing something obvious).
The main page says : “ Due to the delay of opening submission system, we extended the Entry Period to December 31, 2018”. Could you please confirm it.

Thanks a lot.