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NeurIPS 2018: AI for Prosthetics Challenge

Reinforcement learning with musculoskeletal models


Some questions on the observation dictionary

Posted by csdongxian over 1 year ago

I’ve read the description of the observation dictionary. However, there are some descriptions which confuse me. “Rotational position, velocity, and acceleration vectors correspond to rotations along X, Y, and Z”. Is the coordinate system XYZ extrinsic(rotations about the axes of the original coordinate system, which is assumed to remain motionless) or intrinsic (rotations about the axes of the rotating coordinate system, solidary with the moving body, which changes its orientation after each elemental rotation)? I wonder is there need to change the rotation into euler angles. And is there more detailed description about observation dict?


Posted by << redacted >>  over 1 year ago |  Quote

Was also wondering about that! In particular the frame of reference! There is some information in the OSim docs (https://simtk-confluence.stanford.edu/display/OpenSim/Basic+Geometry+and+Mechanics), but that’s no definite answer for sure.