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solution validation

Posted by Raluca over 1 year ago


While trying to validate one of the solution we get the following error:

  • cannot invoke method: checkSperrtreppen

Could you explain us what it refers to?

Thank you

Posted by jordiju  over 1 year ago |  Quote

@Raluca : That is a method involved in checking that resource occupation rules are satisfied. There seems to be a problem calling it.

Could you post me the problem instance and your solution that produces this error? And, do you get this error consistently each time you try to validate, or only sporadically?

Posted by jordiju  over 1 year ago |  Quote

@Raluca Sorry, it seems you cannot post attachments in this discussion. Please send the files to julian.jordi@sbb.ch


Posted by Raluca  over 1 year ago |  Quote

@jordiju I tried to send the email but I get the following message:

“The message volume is over 15 Megabyte, which is not allowed in our SBB mailing environment.”

Do you think I could send it to a personal email address?

Posted by Raluca  over 1 year ago |  Quote

@jordiju I compressed them and it should be fine now, sorry for the mix up

Posted by jordiju  over 1 year ago |  Quote

@Raluca: Thanks for the files. The problem was that all 286 service_intentions were listed in the solution, but for all service_intentions, the list of train_run_sections was empty.

Naturally, such a solution is not valid. Unfortunately the error message is a little cryptic.