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Sharing Some tips to Increase the Accuracy, And Report Error of RCNN,

Posted by jestshen92 over 2 years ago

Dear everyone:

I propose to share some tips for increasing the accuracy.

After the last comment of mine, I try to add some data augmentation. Apart from classical data augmentation, i.e., flip, rotation and blur etc. I also add a warped method based on http://faculty.cs.tamu.edu/schaefer/research/mls.pdf. Actually this works and the accuracy increase about 1 percent. Although the training data has sufficient number, the data augmentation still works even the accuracy >93%. I will upload the results images with yours once I have finished all the interations

Unfortunately I still haven’t solved the problem of coco format as I showed in last comment, so I used Mask_RCNN instead.

One other thing I propose to report is the error in Mask_RCNN.

# Gather all JPG files in the test set as small batches
files = glob.glob(os.path.join(IMAGE_DIR, "*.jpg"))
_buffer = []
for _idx, _file in enumerate(files):
    if len(_buffer) == config.IMAGES_PER_GPU * config.GPU_COUNT:
        _buffer = []

This part has error, which leads the iteration in prediction has less number. Please replace ` _buffer = [] after _buffer.append(_file)` and it can work.

Anyway, I greatly appreciate the organizer to share such sufficient number of dataset. Currently I am doing a project about building distribution changes among years, and this dataset reduces the working value of our team for months.

Thanks again!

Best regards,

Shenlu Jiang.


Posted by Joe233  over 2 years ago |  Quote

Hello,Shenlu Jiang. I think you are very good at this and your reslut is very nice. Can you tell me youer email or QQ.I have some problems with this and I wish to consult you on a few questions. Looking forward to hearing from you! Qin Jun.

Posted by Joe233  over 2 years ago |  Quote

My email is qj5657@gmail.com . Looking forward to hearing from you!