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Reinforcement learning with musculoskeletal models


Run submission with 'project = False'

Posted by Ryan-Amaral over 1 year ago

I did my training with the ‘project’ arg set to false, but I can’t seem to find out how to set project to false for a submission, the parameter does not exist in client.env_step . Is there a way to do this? Tomorrow I will try a call to .values() on the observation to get the list, but I don’t know if this might be out of the order it came in in training. As a side note, is there a way to ‘test’ a submission without submitting one (ran out of tries).

Posted by Ryan-Amaral  over 1 year ago |  Quote

I screwed up, I actually meant that I trained with ‘project = True’, and I’m trying to figure out how to do that in a submission.

Posted by Ryan-Amaral  over 1 year ago |  Quote

I just found that the observation dictionary given by the environment for training, and that given for submission are in different orders, so using .values() would not work. What methods have people been using to deal with this?

Posted by JonAMichaels  over 1 year ago |  Quote

To the first point, the client always returns observations as a dictionary, so as if you called ‘project = False’.

To the second point, I always sort the keys in the observation dictionary (alphabetically) to ensure that they’re in the same order.

Posted by b39k  over 1 year ago |  Quote

I experience the same issue. I trained a model with project=True, but I don’t manage to submit my controller for evaluation since I get a dict back from the grader. It would be very interesting to know how to convert the dict to the list version of the observation. Could someone provide more details on how they tackle this?