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WWW 2018 Challenge: Learning to Recognize Musical Genre

Learning to Recognize Musical Genre from Audio on the Web


Round 2 results

Posted by Michaël_Defferrard about 2 years ago

Dear all,

it’s our great pleasure to announce that the winners of the second round is the team formed by Jaehun Kim (@jaehun) and Minz Won (@minzwon)! As promised, you are invited to present your results at the Applied Machine Learning Days at EPFL in January 2019. Congrats! :)

You’ll find all the scores on the leaderboard of the second round. The 6 systems that have been submitted are now open-source, so you can inspect how others did it! You’ll find links to their repositories on our starter-kit repository, along with a summary table of the results. Finally, you can find more results and a discussion on the slides used to announce them.

We apologize for the delay. The main reason was that some of the submitted systems were not able to run properly, and we had to debug them with the authors. We didn’t want any of you who made the effort to submit a self-contained system to be left out.

Finally, thanks again to all the participants! It was a pleasure to organize this challenge for you, and we hope you had fun and learned while participating.

Michaël, on behalf of the organizers, Mohanty, Sean, and Marcel.