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Learning How to Walk

Reinforcement learning environments with musculoskeletal models


Recent Changes to Submission API

Posted by spMohanty almost 5 years ago

Dear All, Due to multiple reasons we made a few critical changes to the API of the grading server, and hence you will now have to update your osim-rl installation by : pip install git+https://github.com/kidzik/osim-rl.git and also please do remember to update your submission script by referring to : (https://github.com/stanfordnmbl/osim-rl/blob/master/scripts/submit.py#L43)[https://github.com/stanfordnmbl/osim-rl/blob/master/scripts/submit.py#L43]

In the meantime if you run into scary looking error messages when using your previous submission scripts, please do not panic !! :D :D !!

Apart from that, the leaderboard should now also include the simulations of your submissions to help get an overview of the policies your models end up learning, and also coz its more fun watching a skeleton trying to walk than dry numbers hanging on a leaderboard ;)

Hope you guys have a great time participating in this challenge :D

Cheers, Mohanty

Posted by Sean  almost 5 years ago |  Quote

Thank you for the update Mohanty.