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No 'ende' section

Posted by hur about 2 years ago


I thought all the routes had to have ‘start’ and ‘ende’ section(s). This is the case in the worked example. However in the other problem instances routes don’t necessarily have sections which are of type ‘ende’. Is this normal? If so how are we supposed to know the start and end sections of a service intentions?

Posted by jordiju  about 2 years ago |  Quote

Hi @hur . The ‘types’ are not important. They are purely meta-information and only in the data model for internal reasons. It’s best if you don’t even look at them.

The correct way to find out what are start and end sections in the route for a service_intention is to build a graph as described in the notebook. Every section starting in a source node of this graph is a possible first section. Every section ending in a sink node is a possible last section.

Posted by LeoB  about 2 years ago |  Quote

This was also confusing for me. I started to implement my algorithm to the, very well explained, working example. And because it was based on the ‘start’ and ‘ende’ section assumption it did not work for the next example. Not a huge issue, but still.