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League of Nations Archives Digitization Challenge

Help us share the archives of the League of Nations, a vital part of world history


My solution

Posted by DataExMachina almost 2 years ago

Hi all,

this is the end of this challenge. Here is my solution: https://github.com/DataExMachina/ONU-Digitization-Challenge

Thank you to dennissv and dt who kept me motivated during this competition ahahah. I’m curious to know your solution. This challenge seems to be dead, but it was interisting.

Bye :)


Posted by dennissv  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

Thank you for making this public, very impressive result with a single model! And also thanks to you for the competition I would not have scored nearly as high without you and Dt pushing the scores. Was a very close ending :) Will clean my code up and post it later during the weekend, it’s a complete mess atm but I posted a quick solution synopsis. And yes I also liked the challenge itself! Will be interesting to see how it actually ends.