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LifeCLEF 2018 Bird - Soundscape

Bird sounds recognition in soundscapes recordings



Posted by IvanE about 3 years ago

What is LifeCLEF?

LifeCLEF 2018 is an evaluation campaign that is being organized as part of the CLEF initiative labs. The campaign offers several research tasks that welcome participation from teams around the world. The results of the campaign appear in the working notes proceedings, published by CEUR Workshop Proceedings (CEUR-WS.org). Selected contributions among the participants, will be invited for publication in the following year in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) together with the annual lab overviews.

Do I have to register with CLEF in order to participate in an LifeCLEF challenge?

Normally you would have to register with CLEF, however we will handle this for you by sending the necessary data you gave us on CrowdAI directly to CLEF. No further action on your behalf is required.

What is an LifeCLEF task?

LifeCLEF is grouped into several so-called tasks, each of them tackling a different research topic. A LifeCLEF task may have have several challenges, but has only one global dataset.

  • LifeCLEF Bird => 2 challenges
  • LifeCLEF Geo => 1 challenge
  • LifeCLEF Expert => 1 challenge

How can I get access to the the data of a challenge?

Please read the Rules section in the challenge description page. There is mainly one thing you have to do: - Add additional information to your profile so you comply with the CLEF requirements

When you click on the dataset tab of a challenge you will be guided through the process in order to obtain access to the data.

Posted by Scottrick  almost 3 years ago |  Quote

Is there a mapping of Species to ClassId codes available anywhere?