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Train Schedule Optimisation Challenge

Optimizing train schedules


License of problem instances

Posted by iquadrat almost 2 years ago

What license are the problems in https://gitlab.crowdai.org/SBB/train-schedule-optimisation-challenge-starter-kit distributed?

Can you publish them under MIT license such that we can include it into the published code?

Posted by jordiju  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

@iquadrat good question. Have to check with the brass… will get back to you hopefully soon….

Posted by jordiju  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

We can publish them under the same license as the data on the SBB Open Data Platform. It is also very open, you just have to cite the source of the data when used in publications. I will upload a licence file and put it in the folder with the problem instances.

By the way, the official starter kit is located at https://github.com/crowdAI/train-schedule-optimisation-challenge-starter-kit. The one on gitlab is deprecated. I will remove the content.

Posted by jordiju  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

…and I would consider the act of including it in your repo a “publication”. So as long as you include the licence file with the SBB Copyright notice together with the files that should be ok.

When in doubt, just include a link to the files.

Posted by iquadrat  almost 2 years ago |  Quote

Thanks for the answer!