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Spotify Sequential Skip Prediction Challenge

Predict if users will skip or listen to the music they're streamed


Ground truth

Posted by zb over 1 year ago

in the overview section, it’s stated that “For this challenge we use the skip_2 field of the session logs as our ground truth.”
Doing some EDA, there are plenty of rows whereby skip_2 is true, but eventually the not_skipped column is False, which is not a representation of whether or not a track was skipped. Shouldnt the not_skipped column be our target column? thanks!

Posted by brianbrost  over 1 year ago |  Quote

Hi @zb, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but the fact that skip_2 is true should generally imply that not_skipped is false. Regarding the target column, we could have used any of the skip columns, but the skip_2 column is interesting itself, and is also quite balanced between true and false.