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Mapping Challenge

Building Missing Maps with Machine Learning


Detailed instructions for Round 2 submission.

Posted by akuefler over 3 years ago

The overview page says, “Detailed instructions around how to package your code and models for submissions will be announced soon.”. When can we expect this? The website currently says the deadline for round 2 is in a couple days.

Posted by SylvainBernard  over 3 years ago |  Quote

Dear @akuefler (and all participants),

We have some delays opening the Round 2 of Mapping Challenge, mostly due to internal changes to the grading infrastructure for the two NIPS challenges. We also took that as an opportunity for doing quite a lot of refactoring on the platform.

We’re in the finalizing process of writing Round 2 instructions and grading system. Everything will be released soon and we will be able to accept submissions in a few days!

We moved the closing date to August 14th.