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Mapping Challenge

Building Missing Maps with Machine Learning


Challenge Results

Posted by SylvainBernard about 3 years ago

Dear all,

here are the winners of the Mapping Challenge:

1) neptune.ml
2) yak
3) janickrohrbach
4) dave
5) Mprasad and team

The five winners are invited to present their solution at IEEE DSAA 2018, the 5th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics held in Turin, Italy. Conference registration, travel and accommodation is kindly covered by Humanity & Inclusion.

A special shout-out to neptune.ml who also wins the Top Community Contributor prize for contributing the most for this challenge by being very active in the discussion boards, releasing code of open solution for the challenge and writing blog posts about their solution.

All the final result scores on the winner page.

Thanks to all the participants who submitted solutions and participated to this challenge as well as for being involved in the crowdAI community! Congratulations to the winners!