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Can't submit: "502 Server Error: Bad Gateway"

Posted by shawn over 4 years ago

Hi, I’m getting the following exception:

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 502 Server Error: Bad Gateway for url: http://grader.crowdai.org/v1/envs/

Maybe I triggered some throttling by trying to submit again within the 6 hour window? Sorry about that if so.

Posted by ViktorF  over 4 years ago |  Quote

Grader is still down (502) - Could you please set up alerting for this issue?

Posted by spMohanty  over 4 years ago |  Quote

Can you try now ?

Cheers, Mohanty

Posted by shawn  over 4 years ago |  Quote

Everything is working now. Thanks!

Posted by ViktorF  over 4 years ago |  Quote

Grader is down: “502 Bad gateway” again

Posted by spMohanty  over 4 years ago |  Quote

Fixed it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Posted by Marcel_Salathé  over 4 years ago |  Quote

Indeed, sorry for the inconvenience, we have been running into a pesky memory leak issue. We’ll be sure to address this for the upcoming NIPS challenge. It also shouldn’t occur anymore in this challenge.

In any case, because of occasional server downtimes, we have extended the challenge by 48 hours.

Posted by syllogismos  over 4 years ago |  Quote

I’m getting a new timeout error. requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 504 Server Error: Gateway Time-out for url: http://grader.crowdai.org/v1/envs/a6e5f414845fafd1063253a11429c78f___dd3cc09509/step/ and my submission was consistently getting timed out at the same time step in an episode. So I did the same run on my local ubuntu machine and turns out, opensim is taking a lot longer to return the next observation at the same time step. Something like 70 - 80 seconds to return the next observation.

Sample episode and time taken for each step, look at 476 and 477 time steps. And this is happening consistently. This is just a single episode. This happened very rarely.. but so far, I came across this timeout error twice. 471 0.329381942749 472 0.317805051804 473 8.68196892738 474 0.167179107666 475 6.44574093819 476 78.4562540054 477 75.4828670025 478 2.70793199539 479 0.195694923401 480 0.181514024734 So opensim is taking a lot of time compute next observations. After initial look at the observations and actions near by, I couldn’t really make out why opensim is taking so long to respond.

So as a temporary solution can you please increase the http server timeout for now? its probably at some 60 seconds, make it 120 or something. If it is too much to ask, its okay :D I wouldn’t have requested this but I’m facing this issue with a submission that is better than my current best submission. And I only realized this today.

Also the deadline of the competition is UTC May 2nd 23:59:59? Just to be sure can you tell the dead line in hours :D

Thank you.

Posted by spMohanty  over 4 years ago |  Quote

Hi @syllogismos,

I acknowledge this is because of an issue in the opensim core. And I have increased the timeout to 300seconds per REST call. It should work fine for now, but if you have any issue on this particular aspect, please feel free to shoot an email to sharada.mohanty@epfl.ch

Cheers, Mohanty