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IEEE Investment Ranking Challenge

Explore methodology to identify assets with extreme positive or negative returns.


Announcement : Round 2 Submissions Details

Posted by spMohanty 10 months ago

Dear Participants,

The Round-2 of the IEEE Investment Ranking Challenge is now accepting submissions. Please remember to update your crowdai client and follow the instructions here before making a submission.

We will accept the submissions until 21st of May, and to be eligible for the final leaderboard, you will also have to upload your code as a private repository to gitlab.crowdai.org.

Please add the following users as Members of your private repository : benharlander, spMohanty

Apart from your code, please include a description of your approach using this template

The leaderboard of this challenge will be shown only at the end of the Round on May 21st, but the grading status of your submissions can still be checked under the Submissions Tab.

Best of luck with the Challenge,


Posted by aalekhn  10 months ago |  Quote

Hey @spMohanty , the updated submission script does not return back Spearman correlation or NDCG is it as per any new rules of round 2?