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Private challenges on crowdAI

27 May 2018

We’re excited to launch private challenges on crowdAI - something that we believe will be very useful for organizations around the world.

CrowdAI has been designed from the beginning for an open community, with open data and open science in mind. But we recognize that there are situations where open is not always possible. One particular case concerns data challenges in an educational context. While it is generally beneficial for organizations to run crowdAI challenges in the open in order to attract a maximum number of participants, educators often need to limit access to their challenges to their classes. Competing in a challenge within the context of a class is fun - but it makes little sense to open such challenges to the outside, as it would complicate things dramatically for educators.

We’ve recently launched this feature with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the first institution to run a private challenge on crowdAI. Adrian Englhardt, the scientist in charge of the challenge, said this about the experience: “So far, working with crowdAI was very pleasant. Any features requests or bugs that showed up were added or resolved in no time. The students enjoyed working with the platform and the competitiveness that a public leaderboard produces. The second round of our science class will start shortly and last until the end of July.”

Needless to say, we’re extremely happy to hear this feedback - follow-up challenges is the best possible signal that crowdAI is on the right track!

If you are interested in hosting a private challenge, please let us know - we’d be happy to set you up in no time.