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Call for Industry-driven Challenges

29 May 2018

Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Deep Learning: these words and topics are, or should be, in the top priority list across industry. Machine Learning will, and is, changing the way how you do business and find solutions. From autonomous vehicles in automotive, calculating risks or market trends in finance, personal health monitoring or automation of radiology imagery diagnosis in healthcare, to monitoring sugarcane fields in agriculture: most of industries will be, or already are, impacted by these new technologies.

However, exploring and transitioning to data-driven decisions, products or services isn’t easy! A company that needs to find solutions to a data science problems or would like to prospect the benefits of data analytics for their organization either depends on an in-house team of data scientists, or needs to buy the expertise from a third party. In both cases, the reach of data science expertise is limited and cost intensive.

As crowdAI is successfully running challenges for the global research community, we believe that industry could also benefit from crowd-sourced data science challenges and solutions. Every challenge is immediately available to thousands of data science experts who will work and bring together resources to tackle the presented problem.

crowdAI recently received a grant from enable, an EPFL Technology Transfer Office program aimed at facilitating the path towards commercialization of EPFL innovative technologies and to stimulate innovation. We would like to use this grant to develop and host a data science challenges in partnership with an industry facing an interesting data science problem.

This grant of CHF 10’000 is to be used as challenge prizes, to be matched by the industry partner.

You can find the call for Industry Challenge on this page, open until August 1st.

For any questions, please contact us directly by email.