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crowdAI Blog

Everything about crowdAI: press releases, technical papers, challenge releases, general trivia and more.

NIPS, Minecraft, and VizDoom

This summer we have a lot of exciting things planned on crowdAI. We will start with the VizDoom C...

By spMohanty 29 May 2018
Private challenges on crowdAI

We’re excited to launch private challenges on crowdAI - something that we believe will be very usefu...

By Marcel_Salathé 27 May 2018
The importance of Open Source and Open Data

Did you know that crowdAI is an open source project? Not only the front-end application, which has b...

By Sean 29 April 2018
Call for Industry-driven Challenges

Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Deep Learning: these words and topics are, or should b...

By SylvainBernard 29 May 2018