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crowdAI is shutting down - please read our blog post for more information

crowdAI Blog

Everything about crowdAI: press releases, technical papers, challenge releases, general trivia and more.

Spotify <> crowdAI : How likely are you to skip a particular song ?

Image Source: Wikipedia You open up your favorite music streaming app, and you have a very intere...

By spMohanty 16 November 2018
The importance of Open Source and Open Data

Did you know that crowdAI is an open source project? Not only the front-end application, which has b...

By Sean 29 April 2018
NIPS, Minecraft, and VizDoom

This summer we have a lot of exciting things planned on crowdAI. We will start with the VizDoom C...

By spMohanty 29 May 2018
Goodbye CrowdAI :-)

I’m happy to announce that we’re sunsetting (the best euphemism ever invented for “shutting down”) c...

By Marcel_Salathé 11 June 2019
CrowdAI for ML classes

It’s been a while since we last blogged, but goodness knows it’s not because nothing is happening. I...

By Marcel_Salathé 29 October 2018
Private challenges on crowdAI

We’re excited to launch private challenges on crowdAI - something that we believe will be very usefu...

By Marcel_Salathé 27 May 2018
Call for Industry-driven Challenges

Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Deep Learning: these words and topics are, or should b...

By SylvainBernard 29 May 2018