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Torch Tutorial for PlantVillage Challenge

Torch Tutorial for PlantVillage Challenge.

I have trained the alexnet model with the above augmentation technique for 120 epochs. On a machine with Nvidia Titan X, each epoch took about 3/4 minutes. It took about 7 hrs to train the network. On my Macbook Air, each epoch takes this much time.

I get a F-Score of 0.99 with this network :).

I also have trained resnet-34 (ResNet is the winner of the latest ImageNet challenge) and got almost the same F-Score.

You can train these yourself using accompanying repo. Feel free to mail me if you have found any bugs.

    git clone git@github.com:chsasank/plantvillage-challenge.git
    cd plantvillage-challenge

    # train alexnet
    th main.lua -save . -data path/to/train-val
    # evaluate alexnet
    th submission.lua alexnet_120.h5 path/to/test > alexnet_submission.csv

    # train resnet
    th main.lua -model resnet  -depth 34 -learningRate 0.1
    # evaluate alexnet
    th submission.lua resnet_120.h5 path/to/test > resnet_submission.csv

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